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    Pre-purchasing from Amazon? & a question!


    so I think without even playing Guild wars that I wanna give GW2 a try :-X I'm a bit anxious after trying all previous "big" releases, such as Aion, rift and SW:TOR to find them all pretty disappointing.

    I've decided I'm gonna pre-order from Amazon since it seems to be the cheapest option. Do I still get access to the game 3 days early? and if so; how does that work? Do I actually get a physical box sent out by Amazon? If not and it's just a code, on the day of release, would this mean I wouldn't be able to play until my physical box arrived? and do I still get the exclusive preorder in game items?

    Also, I've just downloaded GW1. Have the developers improved on how "smooth" the game runs? The UI is HUGE, and I find moving around generally sort of "clunky". I know it's mostly because I'm used to the way Blizzard use the mouse to move/use camera etc, but it just feels so unnatural in GW1. It's all very confusing, I feel for someone who has never picked up a GW game before. Is GW2 suitable for somelike like that? Will I be able to log in and play straight away or will there be a "learning curve" like I'm feeling logging into GW1? (If you know what I mean o.o)


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    GW1 is nothing like GW2, that's like comparing tetris to skyrim, if you played WoW you will feel very familiar with the movement in GW2. If you only pre-ordered and not pre-purchased the game you will only get 1 instead of 3 days of the headstart, best check your amazon order if you have pre-ordered, pre-purchased, bought a digital or real copy of the game.

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    You only get 3 day access to the game if you're buying the "pre-purchase" option. In the case of buying a physical copy from amazon that comes with pre-purchase I believe they email you the code which you input at https://register.guildwars2.com and then your physical copy will arrive later. Just check the amazon description, it should state that it comes with headstart.

    I've never played GW1 and so can't compare, what I'll say is personally I have found so far the movement pretty response and intuitive and smooth. You're going to have to get used to a different attitude for movement and avoiding damage though compared to WoW!

    One thing worth noting is the keyboard turning seems significantly slower than the mouse (it is slower in pretty much all MMOs I've experienced), I personally think anyone who is used to keyboard turning on WoW (I'm not judging!) is going to want to consider practicing with the mouse and see if that works out better for them. I was a raider on WoW not a PvPer but I could definitely see keyboard turning in PvP on GW2 putting you at a disadvantage so I'd say if anyone is a keyboard turner getting used to the mouse from the start would come recommended from me.

    So yeah, it's good, but if you find it a little weird at first just stick with it, bear in mind a new game always takes some getting used to, especially if you've wracked up a lot of hours on a different one.

    Regards to the learning curve again I have no idea what GW1 is like, GW2 feels a lot more fast and furious than any other MMO I've played right from the very start. There is a tutorial system, it doesn't hold your hand or limit you in quite the same way as some MMOs but I personally consider that a plus, the starting areas do seem very forgiving and I'm sure you'll have no problems jumping right in and having fun.... fully mastering the game may take a bit longer

    Oh, and you can change the UI scale in GW2 in the settings if you find it too large.

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    Thanks for your replies.

    I just have another question. I've decided to just "pre-purchase" from the official site. It's more expensive, but Amazon seem to have sold out of the preorder boxes and on their site say that the copies they have don't come with early access. *IF* they decided to do another stress test before release, if I pre-purchased, would I be invited to that? If so an I dislike the game (very worried after my experiences in Aion, Rift and SW:TOR!) I would be able to claim a refund as long as it is before release? (I think I saw a thread here sometime!)

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    As long as you have the pre purchase key registered to your GW2 account, you'll be able to play in the stress tests and also in the headstart.

    And yes you can get a refund as long as it's before release (not sure if it has to be before 25th or 28th)

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