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    [A] <True Carnage> 6/6MV 2/6HoF 6:40-11pm Tues/Weds/Thurs. Frostmourne

    True Carnage is a Progression Raiding Guild on US-Frostmourne

    We are looking for:
    Restoration/Elemental Shaman
    Beast Mastery/Survival Hunter
    Mistweaver/Windwalker Monk

    What we are looking for in our Raiders:
    -Min/Max attitude, ALWAYS looking to improve/research.
    -A love for raiding, we want players who cant wait to raid!
    -Good personalities, if your not a pleasant person, look elsewhere.
    -Reliable, will be to raids 95% of the time.
    -Responsible, informs the raid leader when they are unable to attend.
    -Accountable, accepts mistakes they make and moves on, instead of shifting/dodging blame.
    -Puts in effort outside of raiding to improve gear.
    -Researches and understands their class.

    We raid Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 6:40-11:00pm Server Time (AEST) (NZST 8:40pm-1:00am)

    If this sounds like the guild for you please apply at:


    Be sure that when applying you are signed into curse with a character that meets the level requirement
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    Updated our current needs/progress

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