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    Nah. I'm content with looking decent. If you can't get decent looking gear in game, I'd leave. For me it has always been a balance between power and looks, I don't need to look the best, but I don't want to look like a pauper either. Usually if the gear I'm actually using doesn't look terrible I won't mess with customizing.

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    Are these "gems" only for the people who link their GW account or what? Or does everyone get to earn the gems or is it real money only?

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    I'll have to check it out first, but the simplest answer is FUCK YES I WILL!

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    I'll look at it for sure.

    Especially since I will probably have extra gold I can trade for gems to buy them.

    the choice for spending real-world money on the in-game shop will be related to how much I play the game, most likely.

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    In your bags you can see unlockable bag slots,

    Pay 400 for the first slot, another opens, pay 400 for it, another opens, pay 400 for it, another opens. No more slots appear after three.

    I'm sorry but I did not consider checking my alt to see if it unlocked the same slots for him.

    Can anyone Confirm/Deny this?


    RE cosmetic gear.... I'll buy something when something I decide looks good appears in the store. I have no qualms about spending money on coolstuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rhandric View Post
    Yes, I'm annoyed the glasses can't be used as head armor (especially for light armor classes). If something looks particularly good I might buy it, but for a while I'll be content with what's in-game.
    Yeah, the Reading Glasses are something I love the look of on my Human Mesmer. They sit so well, but not being able to bring them into combat is pretty dumb.

    Primeval set looks badass, especially on an Asura, and probably pretty decent on a Sylvari as well. I like Krytan, would probably refrain from transmuting the Shoulderpiece though. Profane? ....meh. Looks more like an Assassin set (I'm thinking Imperial?) than something for scholars. Not really digging it at all.
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    Sometimes, if the armor is worth it. Skelington needs the pirate clothes and him and his friends need different colored profane armor to be power rangers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lekyii View Post
    So, as the title says anyone thinking about it?
    Yea I probably will, not because I specially want it but because I believe that GW2 has a very bright looking future and I want to support that.

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    If they add something like the druid ranger armor I will throw cash at them for it. The Krytan one is cool, but druid was much cooler. Wearing all the natural camo. Perfect ranger armor, imo.

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    Is there anywhere I can view all of these cosmetic items together before launch?

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    If there's something in the gem store that I like, I will buy it. I haven't seen anything that really caught my eye yet, but that's probably because of other people's race and color choices.
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    Most likely I will not be buying anything from the gem store.

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    Definitely some xmog stones and a few armor skins here and there.
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    If the game generally meets my expectations I will probably aknowledge that if I find a set that looks good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by galook View Post
    Are these "gems" only for the people who link their GW account or what? Or does everyone get to earn the gems or is it real money only?
    No the gems are for any one. you can access it anywhere in game. and you can spend real cash on it, i think $10 gets you 800 gems unless they changed it. But its not cash only. you can trade the gold you make for gems, and it's not too bad to do this the change rate is pretty good. its like 10 gems for 1 silver i think. so 100 for 1 gold...i think idk if it changed. so if you have time and make money then you can buy gems with time and effort. the cash is more of a casual player that has money and not alot of time, but buying the with gold is easy enought for any one who want the set bad enought!

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    atm, nothing really is worth to buy imo... maybe the primeval one. But I will not buy any armor while leveling anyway, I will wait and see what comes next and maybe I will be more thrilled to buy cosmetics :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fencers View Post
    Primeval Armor is not "Prime Evil Armor", by the way. Seen that floating around the last couple of days and indeed facepalm every time.
    Of course it isn't, that's just silly.

    Obviously it's Prime Val Armor. Val being short for Valentine. It's pink and covered in hearts. *sagenod*


    Yeah, I probably will spend gems on cosmetic gear, if I like the look of them. I'll need some more info on how the cosmetic gear works though - for example, I know after purchase they work as a transmutation stone in that you just use them and then the item you want to combine it with, but how does reuseability work? Can you apply it to a new piece of armor at no extra cost, or will you have to purchase a transmutation stone to reapply it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fencers View Post
    Wouldn't pay money for a cash shop spiky helmet and codpiece.
    Don't even lie.

    You want a rockin' codpiece for your character.

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    If they create something really beautiful then I ll take it for sure..although the ones introduced lately didn't like them so much. In Aion I have bought the Dynasty Armor for my Templar and my Gladiator. And yes I will buy them with real money, if they cost 5-8 euro..
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