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    Question: MoP Heroic Dungeon Hit Caps (both casters & melee), what are they?

    Well, title says all. With the new pattern changing, do we (casters) need 11% (3740 rating) to not miss a boss in a dungeon? Also I am pretty clueless about melees for both their hit and expertise caps so if you could provide some feedback that would be great. Couldn't find a topic directly related to this.

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    So anyone?

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    In World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria, the hit ratios have changed. Instead of 96/95/94/83% hit chance for at-level-->+3 mobs, the new pattern is 94/91/88/85%. This means that casters running 5-player heroics need 6% more hit chance at level 90 than they did at level 85, while raiders need 2% less hit chance to hit cap.

    Against an equal level creature: 6% spell miss, 3% melee miss, 3% dodge, 3% parry (from the front only), 3% block (from the front only).
    Against a +1 level creature: 9% spell miss, 4.5% melee miss, 4.5% dodge, 4.5% parry (from the front only), 4.5% Block (from the front only).
    Against a +2 level creature: 12% spell miss, 6% melee miss, 6% dodge, 6% parry (from the front only), 6% Block (from the front only).
    Against a +3/boss level creature: 15% spell miss, 7.5% melee miss, 7.5% dodge, 7.5% parry (from the front only), 7.5% block (from the front only).
    Ranged attacks will be able to be dodged. Hunters will benefit from expertise and will have it on their gear, which will also allow hunters and Enhancement shaman to share gear more easily.
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    Thanks a lot for the very informative post Voidmaster .

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