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    Dark Souls: Prepare To Die

    Those who played the Console version, are you planning to buy this PC version? It has some new content that did not exist on consoles. I think I'll buy it. It's hard for me to resist the itching of "dying" in Dark Souls again with new content.
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    The content still comes out for consoles. It's just DLC and you have to purchase it.

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    No. Got tired of Dark Souls about 2/3 through the game and never finished it. Traded it in, watched the endings on youtube. Won't be playing again. The story line just bored me and I started killing all the NPCs, just because.
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    I already have it on PS3 but I'm definitely buying it on PC just because I want to support Fromsoft. I wasn't going to at first but I had a change of heart after a while. Dark Souls is one of my favorite games and has probably the best lore in any singleplayer RPG. I love how the story is really subtle and you have to look for it instead of having the devs walk you through it, and not everything is set in stone. It gives the game a sense of ambiguity, which I think is awesome. And the new content looks great! I managed to see a video of the Artorias fight before it got taken down, and it looks a lot harder than Gwyn. Hopefully you can't parry him, and it should be a really challenging experience.
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