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    The mini-games

    I have totally forgot all about them in every beta and stress test. I have seen youtube videos about it, but I don't know where you can enter them and how. Please tell me

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    I think I've only seen one in the betas. It is the Keg Brawls and it's at Heolbrak, capital of the Norns, and you can find it at the lake on the Map, or just ask any npc where it is.

    It is VERY much fun XD, nothing beats the pleasure of giving a flying kick in the face of someone else. XD

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    Sorry for bumping this thread, but I was about to create similar one. I rly enjoyed mini game at Norns. I checked wiki:, but in game, I still haven't found any other working ones. Any idea when they start working and which actually work right now?

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    I wasn't aware of mini games. Please post it if you know or find more.
    They know how to milk the cow.

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    There is one more working actually, which is hard to miss if you do asura's hearts: RC Golem.

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