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    GW2 download size?

    So I just got GW2 today(Physical version). I installed the game from the two CDs and now it is downloading a big patch. Anyone know the total size of the update? I won't be able to play it for 4 months if it's over 2 gigs.

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    I don't recall them putting out anything that large. Though there has been a few cumulative patches that may total anywhere from 500MB to 800MB? Never counted so I can't be 100% sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shamok View Post
    Well it's at 75 MB and only at 1%...

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    Fuck, this is stupid. Why does it take so much fucking effort to play a simple game? Took me like 2 days to get SWTOR to stop fucking up and now this big ass patch.

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    Well I just added it up. 63.5 MB = 1%. So it's about 6 gigs...
    It will finish at about 17gb in total.

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    if you dont like it theres always single player games

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    You have a garbage internet connection. You didn't know, or at the very least research this info, before buying the disks?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shamok View Post
    Why the fuck is it so fucking hard to play a simple fucking game? Why can't I just fucking enjoy myself. There is a reason I'm always fucking pissed off. Because nothing ever fucking works for me.
    Calm down yo. They were working on the game up until launch (and still working on it), so there was a lot that didn't get put on the disc which was printed months in advance.

    It's annoying, but I don't think it's 17GB in total for the download. I think it's around 6ish last I heard? Not 100% positive on it though.

    If you're looking for simplicity, I would suggest staying away from online games as they always have patches going through and generally a prone to far more issues than single player only games.

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    I downloaded the whole game and the total install is 14.1gb
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    When anyone says I'm the angriest person in the world, I'm going to refer them to this thread as proof I am not.

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    And closing this down since this is just turning into a rant thread. Those aren't productive and only lead to bad places.

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