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    Explain to me the pros and cons of GW2

    verses WoW. I've never played Guild Wars, and I have been reading up a little bit about it but I still would like to understand this game better.

    I know that it is similar to SWTOR's pvp battling system, where everyone is turned to max lvl during the battle. I personally hated that system with a passion, since it felt like everything was bland, there was no reason to reach max level (if you were just a pvp-aholic at least). Also, I read somewhere that everyone in those pvp "scenarios" (i don't know what GW calls them) will have the same gear. I might be understanding that wrong, but I personally love a system where I can gain gear, slowly become more powerful, and have something to work towards or some kind of end-goal.

    Maybe I'm just looking at this game from the wrong perspective, but what about it is different, unique, or changing than WoW or a standard rpg / mmorpg? I do like the fact that everyone can do everything or what ever, like there are no dedicated tanks, healers, or dps if I'm not mistaken. I'm currently looking forward to the changes Blizzard has in store for MoP and I really think it's going to add a lot of fun stuff in the game and keep it entertaining. What does GW2 offer that one might find more entertaining than WoW? Thanks for honest reply's.

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    Read the rules, no Game v game threads.

    In the meantime, read http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...tiated-READ-ME!
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    OP, do the research. There is already mountains of information from the stickies on this sub-forum itself not to mention there's thousands of videos on Youtube regarding all the features of GW2 from crafting to WvW. After you have all the info you need make the decision yourself. Personally, i'd get it since you'll be getting quite the bargain... by that I mean you'll be getting a game with the price of a single player game but with the content of an MMO.

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    No game versus game threads. Standard rules.

    If you want to know about the game we have many threads already in circulation. Not to mention our giant sticky thread at the top of the page.

    Thread, closed.


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