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    Pre purchase refund?

    I know it's a little late...but i didn't like the beta at all and i have to many problems with it...is there anyway to get a refund before it actually releases or am i stuck with it? -.-'

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    you can If you pre-purchased from the site

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    contact customer service, they'll get you a refund as long as you do it before release

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    Thx vm, sent a webform asking them

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    If you bought direct:

    What is your refund policy?

    If you pre-purchased Guild Wars 2 from buy.guildwars2.com and would like a refund prior to the release of the game, please contact Customer Support
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    Yes you can get a refund contacting their customer support. There were other people saying they could get a refund no problem just saying they didn't like it. Gotta hurry though, I think it stops after the release.

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