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    Quote Originally Posted by -Apathy- View Post
    Should be 49-50 by today then likely a small break to collect my sanity
    Someone definitely isn't playing guild wars 2 , I am on 4 and half bars, would probably had a 100 if they had it from the beginning though, made quite a bit on the RMAH before patch 1.04 but apparently the selling has slowed down a lot for my cousin who still tries to make money off the game.

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    I am on level 7½. Started this Friday though.

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    Level 7 on my hardcore barb (special snowflake?), playing like 2hrs per day. Haven't seen any legendaries yet, but sold a shield for 10mil.

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    Almost lvl 11..just playing it to pass the time untill mists and borderlands 2 comes out..then bye bye D3..

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    I'm still on level 6. Been stuck here for a while.

    I know with enough time I can reach level 10 or maybe with a LOT of dedication even level 20.

    But anything past that seems impossible to me. I just don't like the game enough for that.
    From level 6 to level 7 it already takes me like 8 hours. I can't imagine how much it would take from 20 to 80 (or 100).
    It just doesn't seem humanly possible with my character.

    I guess I'm forced to buy gear (with real money) to level faster, so I can get more paragon bonuses, so that I can farm for gear.
    It's like an endless loop, the only way to get into it is by buying stuff with real money. Without it, you're screwed.

    This patch is simply not enough to make the game fun again. Most items and even legendaries are STILL complete crap. (I found 4 legendaries this patch, they all still totally blow!) And I don't even notice the increased stats from Paragon levels.

    Maybe I'll come back by the time of the expansion, or if there are good content patches in the future. But for now I'm done with this crap.
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    18 atm and still only 1 legendary

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    Dinged 10 yesterday... Haven't seen any item worth selling/using since the patch

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    25 soon.

    Found about twelve legendaries, all of them junk.

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    11 on Barb
    8 on Wiz
    4 or 5 on Demon Hunter
    0 on Monk

    I know, I should choose a damned toon and stick to it, but playing the same character al the time gets freaking boring.

    Oh, and found one shitty pair of Fire Walkers and some other crappy Legendary that I vendored. Can't even remember what it was called but it was lame.
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    Level 12, one legendary (fire walkers) sold for 3.5mil on ah.

    I like these paragon levels, makes farming not seem like a complete waste.

    At this rate I wont be level 100 for months.

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    Pasadena, Ca.
    Hey speaking of Legendary items, can someone here maybe refer me to a list of all the legendary items after 1.0.4?
    “Alcohol may be man's worst enemy, but the bible says love your enemy." ~Frank Sinatra

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    my paragon lvl is 4...don't play that much

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    Dota 2 24/7 / Dark Souls II
    Probably going to overdo do it today since I pretty much just slept most of the day; Today should be 52-54 either is acceptable

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    Made it to 10 now Aiming for 13 before Sunday since i am going to Turkey for 3 weeks.

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    New the forum. Currently at lvl 20. Feel like the drops have been pretty crappy tho. Any tips? I'm swapping in MF gear but it just seems like I'm getting fewer good drops than I should be.

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    Finally up to 6! I keep remembering my health is more important otherwise I'd be at least 15.
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    lvl 1, lvled just to say i got a lvl and then logged out and havent played since or have any plans to play again

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    7 and more bored then ever.
    Last drop i could sell was 2 months ago.
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    lvl 34, I found a few things that I sold for a total of 200 euro. Love the new paragon level system.

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    just hit lvl 10 hc

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