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    Digital Download - Instruction Manual PDF?

    Hey all. Downloading the game for the wife and I with a bazillion gigs to go. I've read the sticky in this forum about GW2. Awesome stuff!! I was wondering, with soooo much in this game, is there an instruction manual of any sort if you download the game digitally? I'm hoping a .pdf file is in there but since I'm still downloading I have no idea if that's the case. So, is there?

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    Nothing else I know besides forums here, gw2guru.com, and that wiki that has info on the game. No pdfs nothing.
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    This isn't an official guide but it's still pretty good: http://issuu.com/gw2pdf/docs/gw2_guide_by_deckoly

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    There are some nice guides over at guildwars2hub . com and also here is a youtube playlist of getbonkd that is a nice series of explaining each facet of the game abit.
    www. youtube. com/playlist?list=PLAF4ABE5041FBB51D&feature=plcp

    And some basic info on the official guildwars 2 site aswell
    Or check the F.A.Q i made myself over at twitch . tv / rayofnox
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    Well if the boxed game comes with a manual then they've slipped up really in not including a PDF of this with the digital download. Perhaps they'll drop one into the folder in a patch at launch?

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    At least they have these "quides":


    They also have german, etc pictures, but I do not have those and I can't log in to official Anet pages from work.

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