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    Game client and beta client one in the same?

    I was half way through downloading the "game client", when i check my facebook and OMG "stress test in 10 min"!!! so i scramble to open my beta client and it doesn't work. Anyone know if they are one in the same?

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    If you have beta there is no point in redownloading.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rezoacken View Post

    If you have beta there is no point in redownloading.
    You will want to update before release though, as often as possible.

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    Yep. Prepurchase the GW2 game and DL the beta, just keep updating once or twice a day, and you'll be able to login on the release date.

    Been seeing some people have some patching problems recently with the older GW2 beta clients. Not sure why, but some players have GW2 at 14.0GB even, and others at nearly 24GB... Not sure what the deal is, but it's sort of strange.

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    Yes. And a quick search would have revealed the answer tenfold.


    -- Fencers
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