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    I'm going into the game not knowing anything. I always like the sense of the unknown when it comes to a new game. Of course none of my friends want to play bc they are hellbent on wow and LoL. If there is anyone that wants to help a guild wars nub lmk

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    Opens at 11PM tomorrow for me, will only have 30 minutes of free time after getting home from work. Cannot wait!

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    I will be on Saturday morning and playing all 3 days I am off of work, i want at least 30 on my main in the 3 days, thats the goal. Me and 4 other guild mates, all have th 3 days off. WOot Lvling party! we are looking for more to join in guild or not we are jade quarry, we have vent also, so hit us up if any one is looking for lvling friends!

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