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    Warrior. The melee combat feels so...visceral. I love it.

    Also, ranged class with no pet! \o/

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    was going for Necromancer however the Mesmer class was a blast to play. il guess i play them all to the end

    the difficult desision is either playing Norn or Sylvari Mesmer...

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    1. charr♀ ranger (ash/gladium/Reeva)
    My main. Ranger was the profession i liked most in BWE3, simple as that.
    I love collecting pets, I love calling a swarm of hawks with the warhorn and jumping around like crazy with the (one-hand) sword.
    Also I love anthropomorphs. And cats. I chose female because they have fluffier tails and a more feline appearance.

    2. asura♀ guardian (dynamics/Val-A/Bronk)
    She's my golemancer. With their blue glowing shields and their heavy armor, guardians are the best fitting class imho. Her story is all about golems.
    My little girl will beat the crap out of everyone!

    3. asura♂ necromancer (statics/Infinity/Zinga)
    The "caster class" I had most fun with.
    Also I want another asura because I liked their personal story. But it should be as different as possible from my first one, so no warrior.

    Not sure about the other two, but one will be a warrior. I want to carry banners around. Yes that's the only reason.
    The 5th will be memser or elementalist, not decided yet.
    I didn't like engineers and thieves that much while testing sadly.
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    Necromancer as of the date in my sig (previously thief). I love how the condition-based damage playstyle feels. Being able to reverse all the boons on a boon-heavy profession that just popped everything in PvP is one of those great warm fuzzy feelings in life.

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    Engineer. I smack you with ma wrench. EAT IT! Oh, and personal battering ram.

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    I was on the fence between a sylvari male ranger and a female charr necro... I decided yesterday that I'm going ranger cause I want to play with my HoM pets hehe. Just got the white raven!

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    Elementalist because I like the magey caster type classes/professions

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    I was in the same exact boat as you. I ended up taking my favorite three, wrote them on paper, threw them in a hat and told my co-worker to pick 1 for me. He actually switched things up a bit and eliminated 2 from the hate... interesting.

    It was between the Necro, Ranger and Engineer. Fate picked the Ranger.

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    I like the Elementalist but man is learning the new skills EXHAUSTING with all of the attunments.
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    Okay, we have an active poll on this topic essentially. No reason posts here wouldn't fly under that topic banner.


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