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    Like a tiger defying the laws of gravity:

    I'm a racing car passing by, like Lady Godiva
    I'm gonna go go go
    theres no stopping me

    But for real I can not stand this wait. I didn't get lost in the hype till right before BWE3 because I knew this would be the outcome.

    nights of wishing I were playing GW2. Days spenting pining for guild wars 2.

    Since i can't play I've decided i will slightly plot out my path for Saturday morning. I am thinking i will roll asura but I will follow the path that GW1 took in that I will go from Ascalon to Shiverpeaks to Kryta to Magumma to Crystal desert.

    I basically plan on doing 100% map completion since there is absolutely no downside to it since everything gives exp so I can basically 'vanquish' gw2 like I did gw1. Currently on magumma server but thinking of switching for launch. Any suggestions? Anyone want to group up and tackle Tyria 2.0?

    tl:dr - what server are you on? what class? what are your plans for leveling? Are you all high strung waiting for your gw fix like me?

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    We have a wealth of topics on these subjects already. Please don't spam the forum.

    -- Fencers

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