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    Twin boots socketing (fury)

    Hello everybody !

    I have seen that most warriors don't use the bonus from the red socket of Twins boots.

    And I really can't figure out why 320crit could be better than 220crit+80str, it would extremely nice if anyone could sum it up to me. I also saw a post by Darkfriend saying that it could be worth it gemming exp/crit, but I can't find it anymore.

    Here is my armory if you want to take a look at: --

    [edit]: cant post links... Moozhe-archimonde-EU

    Thanks !
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    If your crit SEP is higher than 0.8, then gemming pure crit is better than str/crit. At exactly 0.8 SEP both options are exactly the same. For exp/crit to be the best choice, you need to be able to reforge the exp into mastery and have your mastery stat weigh be worth over 62.5% of your crit stat weigh. You can find out this by taking your mastery SEP value and divide it by your crit SEP value. If the answer is higher than 0.625, then exp/crit is better than pure crit. Exp/crit is always better than str/crit as long as you don't overcap exp and your mastery SEP is higher than 0.5.

    In practice this means that as long as you can reforge that extra expertise into mastery, exp/crit is the best choice for nearly all warriors except if you have really terrible gear with very low crit, which is the only time crit is that far ahead of mastery. For you, exp/crit is better.

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    As a note although socketing expertise/crit in the boots it's rather tough to do at many gear points, because of so much expertise on gear. I can't do it ATM, although I might be able to once I replace these shitty bracers.

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    BTW, after taking a closer look at your armory I see you are using 320str gems instead of 480crit. Replace them with exp/crit and put 480crit in two of your yellow sockets for about a 400 dps increase. Not much but surely a lot more than the difference between crit and exp/crit in your boots. If you really want to get nitpicky it's also a very slight dps increase for you to use hit/crit gems on your weapons, and additionally if you replace the str/crit gem on your shoulders and the pure crit on your gloves with exp/crit, then reforge the crit on your chest out of exp rather than haste, you're looking at another 150ish dps increase. You'll also be just 6 exp rating over cap instead of 25, which is always a good feeling.

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    I didn't hoped so much help, you guys are sinceraly the best !

    Thank you, cheers

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