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    [H] Twisted Tranquility - LF Disc Priest/Holy Paladin (5/13 Heroic)

    **Draenor Server**

    We're currently in need of a reliable and excellent Disc Priest/Holy Paladin.
    You should be comfortable pushing progression, and doing your upmost to push your Healing/DPS as well as keeping yourself alive :P
    Our current raid Settup is, Druid + Pally tank, 2 Hunters, Lock, Mage, DPS War, Resto Druid + Shaman.

    Current Progression - 5/13 Heroic ToT

    You should be 110% reliable, your schedule should be such that you aren't late and you don't miss raids, some rescheduling can be done but for 10 people things can't change too much!

    You need to be extremely comfortable speaking English, and I mean native language skills, good humour and the desire to be part of a guild who love raiding, don't act like spoilt 13 year olds and who do well in a 4-day raiding environment.

    We raid: Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday from 19:30 - 23:30
    We prefer all applicants to be 20+
    We use Ventrilo during raids, a mic (and a voice!) is required
    We like to have a Positive/Friendly/Light atmosphere so members should treat each other with respect and have fun (in and out of raids)
    We expect our raiders to know their class inside out, meaning do your own research and keep yourself up-to-date, asking for help isn't a sin, but we expect you to be good enough that we don't need to babysit you

    If this sounds like a place you're interested in don't hesitate to contact us on the website
    or in-game: Devilminion/Kefka/Foulgar on Draenor (EU)
    Or Battlenet: Nokoroto#2827 (Foul), Devilminion#2463


    ~ TT

    WoW Progress: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/...ed+Tranquility
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