View Poll Results: Which race are you gonna play

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  • Asura

    62 23.48%
  • Norn

    37 14.02%
  • Human

    76 28.79%
  • Charr

    34 12.88%
  • Sylvari

    55 20.83%
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    Charr! Because I want to be a white hipster tiger with horns!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Well View Post

    If Sylvari are too tall for me, then... what are norns? xD
    Two Sylvari and an Asura.
    Quote Originally Posted by Shinra1 View Post
    ...because being black means you can't be racist only prejudice.
    Quote Originally Posted by Shinra1 View Post people have no power, privilege they cannot be racist since they were oppressed.
    Quote Originally Posted by Shinra1 View Post
    Did you just compare slavery to the holocaust? Don't compare them. The holocaust lasted 4 years while slavery lasted for well over 200 years at least in the US FYI

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jamber View Post
    Two Sylvari and an Asura.
    hahahaha, very nice one.

    I decided and voted for an asura. I don't know if this will hold true, but it most likely will.

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    norn i guess... certainly not asura.

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    Man, I'm such a conformist, I'm playing a Human Warrior, most played race and profession!

    But I'll be the best. Like no one ever was.

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    I want to play a Charr, but my nausious raction to the limited FoV forbids me ;_;

    Gonna have to go with the miniscule Asura instead :/

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    Sylvari and probly charr as 2nd

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    Sylvari are my favourite, though i do like norn aswell, close second, and human. Charr I'm conflicted about and don't like asura at all. If people like them, glad for them, I do not one bit. They're too full of themselves.

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    Humanity, even though they'll be destroyed or enslaved once the dragons are gone.

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