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    US Log In ---> EU Server

    Countries that are assigned US log in would it not increase latency to play on an EU server?

    Also, if using a private proxy, say one in London would that not mean we log in from the EU and can bypass the US log in part?

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    I wrote out a long reply and then realised I didn't really get what you were asking.

    Why are you trying to log in to the EU datacenter from the USA - did you buy your copy of the game from a EU store? If so, yes, you can easily use a VPN to bypass the region restrictions.

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    He is talking about countries that are assigned to US but are closer to Europe than US (like China).

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    Ahhh, then yeah, if you're using a London VPN it'll put you on the EU datacenters but most of the VPN's I use are really bad for gaming on/poor connections so I guess then it comes doen to the quality of your proxy.

    I've spoken to quite a few people from the EU who are playing on the NA servers come release; people seem to think the latency isn't going to be too bad connecting to a different region though.

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    Middle East player so I was worried that a US datacenter would mean latency on EU servers.

    Many gamers use http://www.strongvpn.com/ its a premium service but also gets us passed the local ISP bottle necks.
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    Cempa, I think you don't really need to worry about either of these things. 1) Judging by latancy in games like LoL, Smite, Blacklight Retribution the difference is minor (70ms) if you are lucky ~80-140 for EU and 170-240 for US. 2)Players from Middle East have not need of cheating the system. During the BWE 1 it was sorted out with support team that they should be connecting to EU servers due to closer proximity (even in spite the fact that the store was assigned to NA region). Sadly, since the official forums are wiped every BWE I can't link it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cempa View Post
    Middle East player so I was worried that a US datacenter would mean latency on EU servers.
    You will be connecting to the EU datacenter directly if you choose an EU server as your home world. You're just defaulted to the US datacenter initially, and once you move your home world to an EU server, it may require a few minutes to migrate your data to the EU datacenter (but that happens only once).

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    Not to hijack this thread or anything, but one thing I've kind of disliked in MMO's is being on the EU side. As I'm from the UK I have a lot more in common with the US and think my game experience would be much better than playing in the EU (had lots of bad experiences with Europeans that can't talk English etc etc).

    Is there a way in game to do this (or out of game), or because I've purchased the game from a UK retailer will I only be allowed to play on EU servers?


    Nevermind, found the answer on the FAQ.

    How does regional restriction affect my Guild Wars 2 home world?

    The very first time you start the game you will be asked to select your home world. Although by default we display the worlds that are hosted in your regional data center, you are free to select a home world from either region at this time. So if you are a European player who prefers to play on the North American worlds, please feel free to do so.
    I hope this is still the case!
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    It's wrong question. You need to unlock your account by logging in from the same region that your key is.

    Paying in GBP/EUR will yield EU/CIS-only key
    Paying in USD will yield US/LA/ANZ-only key.

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