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    Weird Display name when Linking accounts

    MMO-Champs, I request your aid.

    When I linked my GW1 account to my GW2 account, my display name changed to a lot of digits!
    I don't know what it means, but I'm not comfortable linking it here, cause I don't know what it is. (Maybe it's a serial key, but it's so long... I don't know)

    Has it happened to others? What did you do?

    Can I do anything about it?
    Should I contact GW2 support?

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    Those numbers are always attached to your account. If you look into the main page of your account page, it says in big red bold "What's up with the four digits at the end of the display name?" Hover over/click it, and it will tell you.

    If you mean your entire screen name such as: RandomGuy24.1234 was changed to 1234567890.1234, than I do not know.

    It might be an unexpected error after ANet tried to fix the problem from before and should just call their support line if no one else knows what it is about.
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    It's just to ensure that your ID is unique, as multiple people can have the same account names, but the numbers will always be different to distinguish it from other accounts.
    IIRC :Your in-game friends should just see the username you originally chose, whether this is true on launch or afterwards I cannot remember.

    You don't need to do anything about it, you will never need to remember that string of numbers after your name, just email and password.

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    Okay, I will write an example of the digits, since it's not the four security ones;


    This is an example of how long it is, and that it contains both letters and numbers. Reminds me of a serial key.

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    Is it in place of your username?
    Because the majority of people have something like:
    Thunderbeard-1234 or similar.

    If it's totally replaced it, then I'd send them a little email.

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    Yes, I had a "Name.1234" too, before linking the accounts.

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    I'd get in touch with them then.

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