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    European preorder release date? (exact time)

    I'm considering pre-ordering GW2 so I can get a 3 day head-start. One thing I'm wondering though... when does it realease in Europe? Is it at midnight like Blizzard's games, or is it at 8 AM (GMT +1) (i.e. syncronized after the US release).


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    Synchronised, the second one
    I believe it's time for me to be famous.

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    tomorrow, 8:00 GMT+1

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    Pre-ORDERS get a 1 day head-start by the way, only pre-PURCHASE grants you a 3 day head-start.

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    Europe is in summer time, so it will be 9:00 GMT+2. for the UK it will be 8:00 GMT+1 (British summer time)

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    Yup. UK and Portugal share the same timezone, so for both of us will be 8AM. Or for me....5AM HAHAHAH!!

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    As people said it should start at 8AM for you (if you pre-purchased, not pre-ordered), however I have received an email from them saying that they may bring the servers up, up to three hours early, which means that it may start at 5AM for you.

    Pain in the ass really, don't think I can be bothered getting up at that time. :<


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    Screeny of the email I received, you'll have to take the spaces out though I can't post images yet..
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