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    Mesmer Current PvP Status?

    Soooo as we all know, GW2 3 day head start launches in around 22 hours. And I'm -pretty- sure that I'm going to roll a Mesmer, however...

    I have terrible luck with rolling classes that end up being garbage, so to counter this I've been doing so research, via youtube videos and other forums. From what I've seen... The mesmer looks really elusive and all, kind of hard to catch, but the damage doesn't seem to be -that- good.

    For example, I was watching a rather current video (released in the last month) and the mesmer is rotating on his target, freely dpsing and its going down pretty slowly, but as soon as the target switched on him, he dropped like a rock. And this seemed to be the case in most videos.

    Now I didn't get the chance to play the beta so I really don't know, but I would like to ask anyone who has played a Mesmer or been killed by one on the Beta, how is there damage? Do they have any burst? Is there any notable dps problems? What weapon (and weapon switch) do you reccomend?

    Please and thank you guys c:

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    Any feedback on professions we give now could me made redundant in a single patch. Choose by how the profession plays, looks and feels for you, not by current dps/whatever.
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    Not sure if this is the best question. Game isn't out, and any testing/theory crafting done in the Betas are pretty much subject to change. Only way to really know is it practice and play for yourself.
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    Mesmer is fine in PvP.

    Although if you can play one well they become deadly.

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    worst thing for mesmers is marking. I saw the videos on youtube, and when you mark mesmer, it will always stay on his true form, making al lthat clones useles.
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    As of last couple of stress tests, mesmer had a new balancing pass and exited it as a fairly powerful profession. They buffed things like clone replacements, GS skills and damage and traits. At least condition build does a lot of damage now (sceptre/pistol+staff), and direct damage (sword/pistol+GS) is quite functional as well. Downed skills got a balancing pass as well, with #2 being pretty awesome - it now usually stops finisher in progress as well as teleport you a decent distance away.

    So overall, mesmer is in a good place right now in sPvP. We'll see if that changes in release though.

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    After playing in the latest stress test I have to say that good mesmers are really tough to deal with.

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    Mesmers, as in GW1 is awesome at PvP with all the mindfucking and trickery we can do, they're very hard to understand if you've not played GW1, but it will come.

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    Mesmer op agaisnt condition builds with low condition defence, which is most people running round spamming bleeds. So atm they are doing quite well and the clones look a lot like the original sometimes even confuses me
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