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    The "I hate the fact i'm working tomorrow"/"i can't play tomorrow"/":'(" thread

    I've been looking forward to the release of this game since it's announcement, preparing myself mentally, participating in beta events to try it out and generally working myself into a fizzing-ball-of-excitedness.

    However, my expensive Corsair 600w PSU decided to clonk out after 9 months of use last week. I decided to stay optimistic, but the return still hasn't arrived, and i'm resigning myself to the depressing fact that i'll be unlikely to play during the early release. Not only this but i'll also be working throughout the week following.

    I thought that in the midst of such a large amount of optimism and excitement there should be a little section dedicated to everyone that has had badluck roll over them.

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    Even worse...we have unexpected company coming tonight and staying all weekend. le sigh.....

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    I start my new job on Sunday morning, but I'm fortunate in being free all night tonight and all day tomorrow. (Central US)

    I have quite the gameplan concerning sleep. It's probably not healthy though.

    The only possible hiccup is that my fiance works til noon on Saturday and will possibly make meh do stuff afterward
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    Sad that you won't be able to play, but we don't need individual threads for everyone who has a situation like this. Not really any room for discussion : /


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