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    Chosing a server and server change?

    Sorry if this has been asked before but the mass of information right now on GW2 is staggering.

    As the excitement builds for tomorrow I also feel a bit overwhelmed and confused so I need to ask a few questions about choosing server and migration.

    1) There is only one type of server in GW2, right? So it doesn't matter which one I chose aside from language?

    2) Since I'm not sure what server my friends will end up on (they will be even more confused than I am), can I change server later if I want to? I seem to have read somewhere that it will be possible?

    3) Right now I have absolutely no idea what server I will play on apart from English EU so is there a reason to pick one in particular before another or one to avoid? Like in WoW, some servers attract a lot of non-English speaking players.
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    1) Correct
    2) Server transfers will be free for the first week or so until Guesting feature in Enabled, and then Server transfers will cost a varying amount of Gems depending on the population of it. Note: You cannot transfer to a "FULL" server.
    3) They are appropriately labelled in the Server List which servers are designated for a certain language-speaking group.

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    3) Check here a small sample of guilds going in GW2 (some of them have alredy created an<<Unofficial Country Servers>>
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    Thanks for the answers guys.
    There are 10 kinds of people. Those who understand binary and those who dont.

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