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    Pre-purchase issues?

    So I just pre-purchased, and I belive my account is set up. I'm currently downloading, but when I try and log in on the downloader/launcher, it gives me an error saying there's my beta events up. Is this supposed to happen?
    I have recieved a "Thanks for registering!" mail - however, is there anyway to know for sure that my account is up and ready to play on release? (I have an account, display name and all that)

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    Yes, that is supposed to happen and it will happen until launch now.

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    I also haven't recieved an e-mail stating if I've got the pre-purchase or pre-order edition, like it said somewhere in the process that I would. Also, what's the thing with the registration key? What's it meant for? Do I have to write it down somewhere?

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    Also, is there any easy way to tell if I did indeed pre-purchase? Is it even possible to not pre-purchase when doing it through the site? I clicked on the banner with the timeout, and then chose digitil and then took it from there.

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