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    [Bio] Christopher "Chris" Barnley [W.I.P]

    Name: Christopher "Chris" Barnley
    Age: 24
    Race: Gilnean Worgen
    Gender: Male
    Class: Druid (Mainly feral (cat) and sometimes moonkin)

    Languages: Common, a little Taur-ahe from Jorn and the Cenarian Circle

    Faction: The Cenarian Circle

    Personality: A reckless character, always acting first and thinking later. While often well intentioned, his actions often have side effects and meanings he did not consider. He strives to prove himself strong and capable. He is most often seen in his Worgen form, as this is where he feels most natural. His wild, untamed nature fits being both a Worgen and a Druid well, and he has never done well in large groups of people. Often seen as arrogant and selfish by those who just meet him. However, his time in the past year with the Cenarian Circle, and with his calm and collected mentor Jorn Wildmane, has blunted his edge a bit, made him more able to work with and for the benefit of others, even if he doesn't prefer it. Has become much more honorable and thoughtful under Jorns mentorship, even if he still prefers action to thought.

    Likes: Meat. Ear-scratching. Running wild. Sneaking around. Living life to the fullest. Has recently learned to enjoy: living in and with nature, both giving and taking; seeking balance, and destroying those who seek to destroy it; being a druid, protecting the weak and nature; traveling with, working with, and joking with large bovines.
    Dislikes: Vegetables. Squirrels. Stopping to think and plan, even if he knows it is needed. Those who seek him, his friends and companions, or nature, harm.

    Appearance: Of average height and muscular build for a Worgan, with a coat as dark as midnight. Most often seen in Worgen form, dressed in garb similar to his friend and mentor Jorns, and carrying with him his favorite red and black polearm.

    Strengths: Great physical strength and agility, good mastery of shape-shifting, especially to cat and moonkin forms. While rather a rather young and green (pun intended) druid, he displays great want to learn, and determination for that which he finds important. A savage and fearless foe in battle.
    Weaknesses: His temper, arrogance, and recklessness are all major factors in his weakness. Still rather young and inexperienced, with only a little skill for the restorative art of druidism.

    (for now, see Jorns history for some knowledge of after they met. All I can say now is Chris had a bit of a troubled past, which lead him to his wild and reckless nature. When the curse spread rampant through Gilneas, he was one of the first to transform, yet somehow managed to keep most of his sanity, possibly because of his nature already being close to that of a Worgen, minus the lupine hunger and aggressiveness. He luckily managed to stay alive until the night elves arrived to aid those turned regain their sanity and control, and then after hearing of the elves tales of druids able to shapeshift and be one with nature, he quickly became eager to become a druid.)
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