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    Shadow Syndicate - Recruiting for 10 man raid

    Shadow Syndicate is a level 25 alliance guild on Scarlet Crusade (Alliance) looking to fill our 10 man raid group. The raid will run Mondays and Thursdays starting at 8:30 server. We are a casual raid guild that expects excellence, fun, and attendance from our raiders. We like to have fun but are also serious for progression raiding. We are currently looking to fill spots for our 10 man raid. We are looking to build a balanced raid group that likes to have fun and push forward.

    Our current needs (all classes are welcome at the moment):

    2 Tanks
    DPS and heals are welcome to join as fill in

    We expect our raiders to be repaired, have flasks, food, and be ready for raid 15 minutes before start time. Our loot system is a "don't be a dbag" system. Meaning MS before OS and if you come to the raid and participate you have an equal shot at getting drops that will benefit you. We use mumble as our online chat system so be prepared to use mumble. If you have any questions feel free to pst me in game at mshaleigh or reply here. GM is tezcatlipoca feel free to ask him any questions as well!
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