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    I was looking to try and find an unbiased GW2 - WoW comparison (I know that virtually impossible, but I thought id give it ago)

    When I find a pretty good video, every single comment is some ridiculous drivel about how one or the other is rubbish.
    All the comments are pretty much "YOU DON'T LIKE WHAT I LIKE... THAT MEANS YOU ARE STUPID"

    Cant people see GW2 being a success is a good thing for us (not blizz) BUT US.
    Keep Blizz on there toes, fighting or subscriptions. It will get them to actually listen to Subscribers and improve the game.

    The MMO industry has been pretty crazy for such a long time with WoW being horrifically dominant.
    I personally hope GW2 does well. Not too well but well enough that the mmo player base splits between the two, which should make for 2 better games.

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    It's the nature of the beast and it goes back much farther than MMOs (politics and religion, for example). People like what they like, want people to like it too, and dislike anything that may threaten it.

    That being said, I'm going to close this thread, as we've seen this discussion before, and it usually doesn't stay civil long.
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