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    I hate every single one of you who are getting in...

    EDIT: nvm i got in
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    Servers are up, I snagged my names, GOOD NIGHT WORLD!
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    Got my chara. GO GO GO

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    To the person that kept stealing the Prepared name during all of the BETAS: I GOT YOU!!!!!! I GOT YOU !!!! I GOT MY CHARACTER NAME!!! YOU DID NOT TAKE THE RELEASE GAME NAME OF PREPARED!


    I got it!!!!

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    Didn't get all the names I wanted but I got a couple.

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    Nooooo i didn't get the name that i wanted! though others that i wanted too i did get

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    Well, i'm on right now... :O tried randomly and it logged me in. No bullshit.

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    Tial and Damalia are now safe and secured. /joy

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    Could get 4/5 names even though the third most important was already taken :/

    Still thinking about a 5th name, already tried 3 that were already taken... every second someone is taking the next name I think of...

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    pfft as if you care..
    Quote Originally Posted by Sy View Post

    i sure was about to! xD
    um so whats pacific time or gmt -700 for holland?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Achaman View Post
    um so whats pacific time or gmt -700 for holland?
    stop asking for times, servers are up! xD

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    Bahhh! I realised that half my preorder items weren't sent to me, so I had to delete char and remake... now it wont let me back in waaa.

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    Damn it, cant get past character creation! Login servers are overflown or something

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    So... Much... lag.... good night guild wars 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sy View Post
    stop asking for times, servers are up! xD
    Servers may be up, but some people are not able to log in, for whatever reason.

    "The server was unable to authenticate your gameplay privileges."
    "Either there is no current Guild Wars 2 event or this account is not authorized to participate in one."

    Pre-purchased the game two days ago, was promised 3 days of headstart access and a crappy ring. I know the launch of many MMOs is never smooth but it is difficult not to be anxious and frustrated at the moment.
    To serve your lord and do his bidding, is that honorable? Even if that lord is an unimportant piece of shit?

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    Sad to see some aren't able to get in. I'm not having any problems and was able to get online with all 10 of my accounts on different types of computers. I played in the betas on all of them so I don't know if that makes a difference or not. I'm just thrilled I got my "Prepared" name and no one was able to steal it like they did in the betas. I was online the second the servers were up and got that name within seconds.

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