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    Confirmation on name reservations?

    A few weeks ago someone said that if you create a character, then delete it, no one else will be able to take that name for 24 hours. Is this true or a load of crap?
    Oh aye.

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    Yeah Im wondering this aswell, can someone confirm?

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    Quote Originally Posted by grandpab View Post
    100% true.
    Oh aye.

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    So I could make like 4 random characters, delete them all, remake, and beable to save the names? If so thats awesome.

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    pfft as if you care..
    would be nice as spending time making a nice looking char could take a few hours -.-

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    My first choice name was gone. Nooooooo.

    Grabbed my others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colbor View Post
    Source would be good. I am hesitant to delete my character while everyone is trying to claim their names.

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    False. I lost a name today when I found out a friend had picked a different server and I had to delete and transfer.

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    Here we go: twitter.com/GuildWars2/status/239226099039612929

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