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    [Feral] Help with Offspec

    Hello, I'm a MS tank but got asked by my raid leader if I could fix my feral gear incase it was needed. So here I am asking for help

    The rotation I can in my sleep, so I dont need help with that.

    Here is my armory:

    I dont have any logs, but seeing its not what I need help for it doesn't really matter.

    So how could i improve my gear with enchants, gems and reforge? I know I have reforged and gemmed for haste, but that was more as an experiment. Any criticism, advice etc. are more than welcome!

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    Not much to be said i guess. Looks like you already know you should reforge for crit/mastery, instead of the haste experiment you have going on.
    I would personally not use glyph of shred on encounters where it's possible to be behind the boss. A free savage roar from start seems more fun, and get your rip up faster.
    You have a bit too much hit. Could drop one agi+hit gem and be about where you should be.
    +80 stats for chest.

    really not a lot to say XD
    Everyone has so much to say
    They talk talk talk their lives away

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    thanks a lot Yeah I did know about crit/mastery, but just felt like I had to try out haste with those two trinkets I got
    What would you suggest I use instead og Glyph of Shred? Yeah the Chest was my old piece for MS, forgot to enchant it, it is done now.

    Thanks for the feedback once again, if anyone else have anything to say, please come with it, im open for everything! :P

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    First off, you have Rune. You should be reforging 1:1:1 to maximize its proc. This means you want to get your haste crit and mastery as close to the same value as possible with mastery just 1 point ahead. Catus is great for this. With RPPM trinktes Haste will beat Crit but not Mastery w/Rune.

    Generally the go to cat glyphs are Cat Form, Savage and Stampeding Roar (+ roar distance).

    As Far as Gem/Enchants go:
    Weapon: Dancing Steel + a 2/2 Upgrade unless you know you'll be getting a TF/Heroic drop soon.
    The rest will all depend on what your 1:1:1 reforge output is.

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