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    Here's my Elementalist! I love her set soo much!

    Edit: Oh the pic isn't so big... Can't see her so well xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karizee View Post
    Yikes, the GW1 dye system sounds awful. With as much as I change my colors I would hate that lol.

    Has anyone heard anything about dyeing backpieces? I got the phoenix armor for my necro and want to go dark with it + the shattered wings dark, otherwise I'll use the tentacle back from southsun.
    Now that we have a white flower and a red flower that is just recolored I doubt that backpieces will be dyeable anytime soon. However, as also suggested for recolored weapons, they could just lock some colors on such items.
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    Updated my warrior with the radiant gear plus Zephyr wind helm. Thank god I got Celestial Dye early when it was 3g. It really ties that gear together.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thyr View Post
    Another update. Reminds me on my demon hunter from D3

    Anyone know the name of the those legs?

    This is my ele

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    Quote Originally Posted by Velainz View Post
    Anyone know the name of the those legs?
    Looks like T3 Human Cultural for leather wearers. "Assassin's Leggings" being the name

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    That's not T3 human cultural leggings

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaelwryn View Post
    Looks like T3 Human Cultural for leather wearers. "Assassin's Leggings" being the name
    Just checked and it doesn't exactly look like that =/

    Edit: Doozerjun beat me to it :P

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    Whoops sorry! The part I was looking at is part of the chest piece. My bad, havent woken up completely yet. :\

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    Those are the Vigil medium leggings. I have that combo for my thief as well.

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    I don't have a vigil character so I might be mistaken. But from looking at armor galleries online, those legs don't seem to be vigil medium.

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    100% certain those are the vigil leggings, the boots are falconer

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    My tiny mesmer finally got to 80 ^^

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    That eyes... so creepy.

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    Hahaha thats why I love them I guess XD The creepyness..

    Here's another screenie without.

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    Lol, that is an entertaining Screenie

    - - - Updated - - -

    And I just realized I never updated my Ranger on here. I changed her look some when I decided I wanted to see her tattoos.

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    So, I've been working on an alternate (because Sylvari T2 is still the best) look for my necro. I actually got (some of) this idea from a necro in WvW who I thought was a guardian based on how he looked. Apparently it's a lot easier to find light armor for males that can masquerade as plate using the Radiant set. I had a difficult time with it on a female, plus way too many of their chest pieces obscure the Radiant gloves, which is fail.

    Regardless, I have narrowed it down to two looks, although, I am not sure about the boots. Unfortunately, the stupid PvP preview won't let me dye out the default purple color on the boots, which is prominent on most of the pairs I liked. -_- I used Acolyte boots for the screenshots because it was one of the few where the boots were mostly white. (They don't look that bad either.)

    Armor's the same except for the leggings. Originally I thought CoE chest & legs for sure (not looking forward to running that x_x), but now I kind of like the Whispers legs. Probably not with those boots though, something more knee-high maybe (except in previews it's all purple).

    Dye: Celestial (on everything)
    Head: Zephyrite Wind Helm (now you know why I wanted that helm ;D )
    Shoulders: Radiant
    Chest: CoE
    Hands: Radiant
    Legs: CoE/Whispers
    Boots: Acolyte
    Back: Wind Catcher
    Staff: Seraph (if anyone cares :P)

    She can be a blinding white wind elemental of DEATH.

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    IMO a-net really should've made different skinns for each armor type instead of heavy for everyone...

    Imo COE set looks best together since none of the other designs have the same sort of non angular symmetry.

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    Totally agree. I can't even preview the Radiant pieces from my achievement window because they default to heavy. (I also wish they didn't force you to choose between it and the fiery one, but whatever!)

    Unfortunately, mixing and matching is really kind of a pain in the ass in GW2. The armors are a lot like they were in Tera in that they're very distinctive to their set. It's just that with everything else visually going on I thought the CoE chest (especially in monochrome white) didn't display enough detail to look out of place paired with the Whispers legs. I do think the CoE legs look closer to 'plate' and match better, but I hate the way they fit around the waist. So, I don't know. I may just go Whispers to keep from having to running the dungeon too much. :P

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    That's a tough choice. I think the CoE legs fit the theme better (more 'plate'y looking and the stars and moons pattern fit with the look of the radiant pieces. Buuut, I really like the way the whispers fit on the waist and the detail on the belt.
    Ideally, I say the CoE legs for a more cohesive look, but the whispers are a good alternative, I don't think they look out of place and certainly saves you a lot of hassle.
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    Got a nice Scepter skin which matches my theme...

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