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    i saw some hobag pretty much wearing a miniskirt and some bandage strips as a medium armor class, haven't played since launch. any idea what it was?

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    Wikk Vexter the Engineer.
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    Serkk the Fighter

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    My sylvari thief. I like how her "hair" looks at night; like it's on fire.
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    What are these ugly ass midgets and leaflings, like wtf

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    My sylvari thief. I like how her "hair" looks at night; like it's on fire.
    Beautiful color scheme, love it!
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    Man...I should update my guardians look at some point, haven't changed her outfit in ages. Hopefully playing through PoF will net some good lookin fanservice gear now that I finally own it.

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    Dat underboob.

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    My Ranger wich i main

    My Warrior wich i do most of my farming on
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    Probably shit quality, but slightly changed my characters armor a bit when I swapped on my new set for Firebrand. Just got to the hopper camp, so looking forward to going bounce.

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