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    MMO-Champions EU?


    I've gone back a few pages but can't really find anything about the European version of an mmo champions guild. I haven't been around too often lately so I might have missed something, anyone knows if there are still plans for it or what?
    From what I remember of the beta weekend it was on Desolace right? Is that still going to be the case? Is there still going to be one? I can't for the life of me remember who organized the guild during the beta weekend since I was only really able to play during the first one, which has been a while.

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    I think the EU version is meant to be on Desolation. That's where I've rolled at least, so you won't be alone!

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    Guilds are worldwide. I think that the EU players are on Desolation tho.

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    Desolation is perhaps full as well now?
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