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    Help Adding My GW2 Account Code To Beta GW2 Account.

    So.. yes this is probs a very noob question but i wanted to make sure before i did anything and ruined my whole CD key. if push comes to shuv i might just make a whole new account. But anyway... i got my GW2 Pre-order today and iv looked everywhere to where i can add the CD key so its linked with my account i used on beta but.. Nothing. Does anyone know where i put it? (i thought about the link Guild Wars accounts) but i think thats just GW1...

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    to be honest im not sure. I bought the game digitaly. I would contact Anet though. and if I'm not mistaken you should still be able to login for a few days before you need to enter any code. en.support.guildwars2 . com

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    Get timed out 100% of the time atm, So might just wait :P

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