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    Hunter Ranged Weapon with MOP

    What happens with the stats on ranged weapons? When i only can use a Ranged weapon i will lost all Melee weapon stats and procs. And whats with enchantments on bow? melee weapon have 130 agi and ranged only a useless proc then?

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    If you tried to search for this information yourself, you'd have found that ranged weapons are all being buffed to compensate for the loss of an equipped melee weapon / statstick

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    Also, everyone else lose their ranged slot, so everyone lose stats.
    And on top of that, everyone is being balanced around it.

    Yes, searching for things before posting does help...

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    The enchanting question is one I've been thinking about aswell - are they consolidating weapon enchants to also work on ranged weapons?
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    So the long and short of it is that everyone has been effected by this change not just hunters, its ok, don't sweat it

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    Quote Originally Posted by TriggLIVE View Post
    So the long and short of it is that everyone has been effected by this change not just hunters, its ok, don't sweat it
    With the exception of no other class losses a weapon enchant like we do. Alla classes loose 1 weapon but no other class can enchant their "off-Weapon".
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    Expect scopes to be really powerful to compensate. The new scopes for example, have a very strong proc, and I expect to see more scope patterns added in later tiers.

    Everything has been rebalanced. Everything.
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    Hmm, so will old scopes be buffed, or will range weapons now be able to use regular weapon enchants?

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    Ranged weapons are being buffed to compensate for the loss of the melee weapon for hunters.

    Ranged weapons still cannot be enchanted-- however, the current major scope for Mists, Lord Blastington's Scope of Doom, is quite powerful-- sporting a 1,800 agility proc.
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    Play on the Beta; That should solve this. But yes; we will have some amount of stats as such.

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    Ok... weapons are getting buffed, but what about the weapon chain for pvp. Can we apply that in beta??

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