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    Quote Originally Posted by Synthaxx View Post
    Or, you know, overflow isn't applying to login and the millions of people trying to login are potentially flooding it, as happens with almost every major release? Even if overflow is working on login, it's most likely not going to work for the database servers (you have a login server to process auth details and another server or cluster to handle databasing to prevent your databases being visible on the front-end). The sheer amount of traffic from "prerelease preview" is expectantly high and it's causing issues.

    It depends entirely on the setup. They should have more than 4 servers, yes, but if you're referring to datacenters, then they could potentially have 50+ in each. You don't buy a single server in a datacenter. If you only need a single server, you go through a third party as it's cheaper (and often, you'd go into Cloud due to the potential savings you can make). You buy a cluster when you go with a datacenter.

    If you're referring to routers (since the line before it refers to them), then less routers = lower ping. These aren't the routers you've seen sat under your desk or wherever. These are routers designed to handle massive throughput. The function similar, but their firmware and hardware is designed with much higher utilization in mind than a consumer router.
    I meant the ip's you can traceroute, so the large nodes of the net.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kouki View Post
    Guild wars hosts its office in Seattle Wa.

    The Reason its down is a network router a big one is down in that state.

    And another over in Delaware.

    There is one down in Germany and they only have 5 servers running right now.

    Does anyone know anymore about this ive been pinging servers all over na.

    Anything remotely near arenanet is down.
    The game servers are in Dallas, TX.

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    GW2's Twitter: Follow Guild Wars 2 about an hour ago:
    We have re-established server connectivity and are aware of some Error 42 issues.If you find this error please try again to reconnect. ^DO

    and then again about 15 minutes later:
    If you're getting an error 42 trying to log in to #GW2, try closing and relaunching the client. Thanks for your continued patience! ~RB2

    still not getting in though...
    Quote Originally Posted by rated View Post
    Source: Some asian dude.
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