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    Trouble Registering


    So I just bought this game, and tried to register. I fill in the code I got and press 'No' (it asks you if you already have a Guild Wars account). It then says this:


    There was an unspecified error. Please try again.'

    Can anybody help me?

    Edit: Just a second ago I got into the next screen (filled in my name, email, etc.) but then when I wanted to finish registering it gave me the same error. Then I tried again and I have the same problem I had in the beginning again.

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    Their website is being shitty. GL registering, it took me two hours to get the email reset for my password, but I still can't finish the reset via their website.

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    I am running into the same error. I've put a ticket in with their support team, hopefully they can rectify this for us.

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    I finally go through. If you try often enough it'll work :P

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    yeah their website server is timing out due to overload.

    Just keep mashing that register button, I got mine after about 10mins.
    having a Guildwars 1 account helps even if you don't own the game.

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