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    MOP Rep gear from Valor

    Can so one chime in on this rep to unlock valor system. What is the time frame to unlock a single factions valor items ? Are these valor vendors meant for hardcore raiders or for the casual wanna be raider ? From what I have read it seems like the amount of time to unlock these faction items and then obtain the required valor for each piece of gear would require more time then to obtain full BIS raid gear as well as some heroic raid gear....or will these pieces of gear not be overlapping with raid gear ?
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    Valor is meant to fill in gaps caused by poor luck, not act as substitutes for actual raid gear. It will be at least the second week before you have enough Valor to buy anything (third week for the 2250 items), so if you're raiding ASAP you may not even need the Valor gear.

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    1000 VP a week, items cost over 1000 (some over 2000), so at best you are buying 1 item every 1.5 weeks on average, if you keep under the 2000 point budget. Go over 2000, and add an extra week.

    Unlocking the factions to Revered won't be terribly hard. The stuff at Exalted is all just novelty/vanity/mount/pet related. Not tested myself, but from what I've read, getting Revered doesn't take too long after finishing the quest lines for a given faction, so you won't have to do too many dailies (not that dailies will hurt, since they award VP anyways, reducing the number of heroics/raid bosses you need to kill a little bit).

    At best, if you are worried about gearing for raiding right away, you could have 1 item, AT BEST, for the week that raids open for Normal. You'd have to max out to 1000 on the first week, and then before your guild's raid on Tuesday, October 2nd, get in enough Heroics/Dailies to get the remaining points to buy your first item.
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    Outside of rep vendors is there any other place to spend valor points ?

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