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    Diablo 3 fps issues (upgrade HW request)

    Hello, I'm having really bad fps drops while killing a lot of mobs together, I go from 60 to 10 fps and I need an advice to what to upgrade for my pc and why.

    I have this spec:

    Mainboard ASUS M4A785TD-EVO chipset 785

    CPU AMD athlon II X3 435 @ 2.9ghz

    Ram 8gb DDR3 1333mhz bus

    Gigabyte Ati radeon HD 5770 graphic card

    HDD 500gb.

    I bought this pc from early 2009 and I have only upgraded so far the ram, from 4 to 8.

    Any pros, what should I upgrade to reduce the fps drops.


    Power supply 430watts thermaltake.

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    Your biggest upgrades will be either a new processor for video card. For something like Diablo a new processor is probably best. I have the same mobo you do and went with the phenom II X4 black edition. It's easily overclocked and runs the piss out of D3.

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    Upgrade the CPU. Something like the Phenom II x4 mentioned in the post above would be a good choice. DIII isn't particularly hard on the graphics card.
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    Thanks for the reply so far, I will try to get some prices.

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    I run the same 5770 and have no problems. I'm using the 1st gen i5-570.

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    Buy a 16gb USB thumb drive and have windows do its caching on there, it's an incredibly cheap upgrade that made a world of difference on my 3 year old desktop, honestly was very surprised at the improvement.


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