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    Snakeroot seed/enigma seed

    Hey everyone, I haven't been on the beta so I don't know much about these two seeds except that you can grow them and get minerals/herbs. How will I be able to obtain these at launch and harvest them? Will it be worth trying to get these and planting them or better to just fly around and farm nodes/herbs the old fashioned way? Thanks for any informative replies.

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    No. You need to be revered with the Tillers to get them. So it takes a bit of a grind.

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    these dont unlock until revered rep with the tillers. however, once thats done, and provided you have unlocked all 4 plots of land (each plot has 4 soil spots) you can plant 16 total. yield is like 2-5 per plant. so its not like the best way to farm tons of mats.. but if you just want to add to it for say, personal use type stuff, this is perfect.

    edit: do this on a few alts and it could certainly add up.
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    somehow that reminds me on "it's not a lot but it's my own little ganja farm"
    16x2-5 = 32-80 mats a day
    that doesn't sound so bad, but i still don't realy like farmville

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