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Completely agree so far, I am trying every class up to level 10, using all of the weapons etc trying to find something that I find fun. You just get 1 auto attack, 2-3 damage cooldowns and 1-2 situational abilities. The damage cooldowns you just use on cooldown and sit and wait for 20+ seconds until they come off cooldown.

So far I'm not impressed with the combat at all. The explorations I like, but the combat is so boring. I mean you cap out your starting weapon abilities before level 3 and then the abilities don't change unless you switch to a worse weapon type.
What I find really annoying is that I cannot find a good combination of auto and cool down effects. Seems I find one weapon combo that has part of it and another with the rest, but swapping in combat isn't a solution I consider optimal. If it were not for exploring the world this game would hit the shelf and stay there for me. The combat system looked really nice until I realized I had to live with it