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    account wide achievement addon?

    just wondering if anyone knows of an addon that will add up all achievements from all toons and display them similar to the way the account wide achievements will work in MoP

    i'm trying to figure out what achievements i still need to get, and don't wanna work on things i have on other characters, but am far too lazy to go through all of my characters one by one and compare.

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    just w8 2-3 days and when patch hits you will have acc wide achives !

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    yeaaaaa i know lol just trying to figure out what achievements to work on in the meantime

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    There isn't one and I doubt one will be made available since the feature will be active on Tuesday. If you are looking to get a look at how your achievements look across your account you can try altoholic. But you will have to go to the achievement frame and visually scan who has what across your account. But it will not provide an "auto sum" count for account wide acheivements.

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    Ive started to make something web-based for this, then i was "just one week to wait, fuck this shit!"
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