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    Your favorite little things about GW2

    So what are the little things you like so far? Couple of mine are the way the game encourages exploration, I think my favorite moment so far was realizing I had to dive under the water to reach the skill trainer in Norn starting area. Also enjoy the vistas, reminds me of AC in a very good way! Another very nice touch is the bank inventory was has different tab for all the crafting ingridients, really helps keep your inventory clean!

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    Deposit Collectibles.

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    downscaling, after a friend bought all wow expansions yesterday in anticipation of mop I cant level with him at all he already raced a head and I cant step down so I basically wait till he hits 85 before we can play together. OR restart a DK at 55 :S So yeah downscaling is nice if a bit annoyin when i just want to go 1 shot stuff.

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    the pigeon that drops and takes your mail

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    The Flamethrower my engineer just acquired oh and grenades!
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    I like that it tells me when ive completed 100% of the stuff on the map. i plan to 100% all maps before i move on to the next one. very very fun

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    Your collectibles tab is account wide

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    Level scaling for pvp / pve.
    Jumping puzzles
    Beautiful veins and bloodshot eyes.
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    Jumping puzzles...omfg so much more fun than I thought they would be.

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    This isn't exactly a small thing, but I love the artstyle and the attention to detail.
    It really shows just how talented the artists at ArenaNet are. The Sylvari starting zone is simply breathtaking.

    In the favourite-little-things-about-GW2 department:
    I like how NPCs are having conversations (voiced) as I happen to walk by. Some are quarreling and others are debating how the sewage system in Lion's Arch works (seriously funny to listen in on ). Lastly, I like how the Sylvari NPCs will often go: "Everything has a right to grow".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laddips View Post
    Your collectibles tab is account wide
    SAY WHAT?!

    For me? You get exp from gathering and crafting.

    I hope GW's version of transmogging doesn't cost a pretty penny though. I have no idea how it works. Can't wait until guides for all this stuff comes out.

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