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    Anyone getting slight ability-delay?

    I noticed that with all abilities, there is a slight delay before they even start, even for the cast-bar to start.. It makes the combat feel clunky to me. Anyone else having this problem? This is even during off-peak hours. My FPS is generally 40-60 I'm not sure on my ping because they don't display it, but my ping is 15-30 on most other games. I'm hoping its just a server-issue that they are fixing and not the game design.
    I also read that they said that the game-play will not be "instanced", but does anyone feel like "overflow" is just a term they used for instanced servers? Sort of how swtor was.

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    It might just be server-lag. The servers are probably having a hard time.
    It could also be the way the abilities work. All abilities are tied to the actual weapon swing. So your sword will only have an effect if it actually hits the target and not sooner.

    If it happens on instant cast utilities, it's probably just lag.
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