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    Cool [A] The Game @HellfireEU (10M) - 6/6 MsV 4/6 HoF 1/6 ToES- Recruiting

    After many problems with a)Internet, b)too many women in bed with the GM and c)the GM contracting Hepatitis A, we have finally fixed everything and are back in the raiding scene. Trying to make up for the 4 weeks worth of raiding we lost we are currently looking to recruit many players both for raiding and social spots.

    Currently Recruiting

    We are looking for players with good awareness, who can pull their own weight in raids and preform equally or better then our current raiders.

    Currently as we are still in the search for players willing to commit, you will find most if not ALL spots are open.

    Raiding Schedule

    • Wednesday : 19:30-23:00 Server Time (Mandatory)
    • Thursday : 19:30-23:00 Server Time (Mandatory)
    • Friday : 19:30-23:00 Server Time (Mandatory)
    • Sunday : 19:30-23:00 Server Time (Optional, Usually used for progression clean up)
    (!) Note: Early Invites start 30 mins before listed raid start time, Raiders must be ready to clear trash at 19:15 Server time

    Guild Highlights

    • Guild Masters are all veteran WoW players, all with a good raiding history
    • Roster consists of friendly and mature adult players
    • Guild Bank will cover feasts, flasks and repair bills as long as current tier bosses get killed
    • Will always aim to clear content in the best and fastest way possible
    • Plenty of social players to keep chat and forums lively
    • Public forums available for anyone

    Few things to consider before applying

    • Players who are min-maxed (enchants, spec, profession etc.) impress the upper management
    • Take your time with the application, a half-assed application doesn't show the amount of effort we are looking for
    • If you have internet or faulty PC issues and won't get them fixed in time for progression, we doubt you will find a spot in our ranks (sorry here iz cookie)
    • FIRST IMPRESSIONS MATTER, this is yours. Make it count!
    • Everyone will treat you well as long as you treat them well too, If you expect to join and ride the easy bus; think again

    Keep in mind that although we are not hardcore in the sense of raiding 24/7, when we do raid we make those 4 hours the most important hours of the day and go all out. If you need to be told to release and run in, don't expect to last too long.

    If you are interested in joining us, head over to, or get in-touch with us on Hellfire-EU (/who The Game and ask everyone if an officer is around).

    Any comments or serious questions can also be left in the comments below and we will do our best to reply in a hasty and proffesional manner.
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