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    Molecular Stabilizers and where to find them

    im gonna start working on REing the 26 mods and enhancements

    BUT i want to know is there any other way to get the stabilizers other than just running denova, like the space comms or pvp comms

    any info is helpful

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    200 space comms can buy a grade 8 materials box that can have 1-4 molecular stabilizers and 0-2 synthetic energy matrixes. Not sure about PvP but REing mods, enhancements, and (I think) armorings from black hole gear usually results in at least 1 molecular stabilizer.
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    EC will also drop them from random packs and chests.

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    sweet been a while since i ran space but will get on that knowing they give them

    EC does drop them but in the last 8 runs i got 3 so other options are welcome lol

    anyways thanks for infos mods if ya like to close feel free

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