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    The Aldor rep

    So, according to every guide on the internet, you can hand in Marks of Kil'jaeden untill you hit honored with The Aldor. The thing is, I'm friendly with The Aldor (playing Draenei) and I've done the pre-quest where you choose between The Scryers and The Aldor. So why can't I hand in Marks of Kil'jaeden?
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    Are you handing them in to the right guy? It's Adyen The Lightwarden who takes them. Also the first time you hand them in you need to hand in 10 at once, and after that you get the option of handing in 10 or 1 at a time.

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    I dont really remember it, but i had the problem also when going for 'hero of shattrath', think i went to do some quests in shadowmoon valley & read some wowhead comments and after all i unlocked it. It had something to do with missing some pre quests

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    Raevene: The only thing Adyen does for me is giving me a quest to go to Sunwell.

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