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    ah. my bad.

    though i've talked to a few people with the 4pc and they are saying it is not affecting blood shield. Hopefully this isn't intended.
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    I wouldn't freak out over it or anything (not saying you are).

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    hey guys, i was wondering if [Screaming Tiger, Qiang's Unbreakable Polearm] - that comes with Agil, but 871 mast.
    is better then the [Lightbreaker Greatsword] that comes with Strg. and 681 mast. ?
    i know th HC version of the 1st is better, but should i take the normal Version as well?..

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    The normal version isn't enough mastery to justify the str loss. i'd use the blue one if you're talking from a survivability point of view.

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    Not sure if it's the best place to ask but I just reached 90 on my Blood DK and want to start running heroics, is there a good place where they explain all the boss fights and what to look for, I don't want to look like a retard and wipe the group on the first trash...

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    Have you tried youtube? There are usually plenty of 5 man guides out there on youtube. If not, just go through the dungeon journal and look for any mechanics in each boss that you as a tank would need to watch out for.

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    just making sure since I am not that great at those things
    dropping the valor gloves:
    for the lfr tier ones:
    is worth it since I pick up the 2 set bonus with it right?

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    In my opinion, 100% yes. The reduced cd on VB is amazing.

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    I would definitely do that

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    can one of the mods change the title from 5.0.5 to 5.1

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    Reniat, could you explain the numbers in the avoidance dr macro? What do each number represent and where do you get them from?
    Just started playing my blood DK again, and the new dr curves for parry and dodge confuses me.

    Thanks for a great guide!

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    The number in the macro are from Theck's blog. Theck is a major theorycrafter for prot pallies, but his work with diminishing returns benefits all tanks. The specific post where we get the numbers is here:

    The equation in the macro is the "ideal parry-to-dodge ratio", which is equal to:

    Dodge cap/parry cap - ((dodge cap/parrycap)*base dodge - base parry)/total-dodge

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    Thanks! Another question then, as a NE, do I add the 2% dodge from Quickness racial to the base dodge?

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    Yeah, so it should be 7.01 instead of 5.01 in the equation. I've updated the macro to account for NE. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I completely forgot about NE!

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    You're welcome! Glad I could contribute!

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    I thought Thecks equation took into consideration Sanctuary which is 2% dodge, so if you're a Night Elf the 5.0.1 base still applies. Or do DKs have base of 5% dodge? can't log on to check.

    Edit: Had a derp moment, ignore everything i said
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    DKs have a base of 5.01%, so the NE racial still needed to be factored in.

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    Sorry if it's a noobish question but never really understood these DR.

    What I can't understand about the Parry/Dodge equation is:
    Is the result the 'minimum' Parry you should have in accordance to your current Dodge? Or should you aim to have exactly that amount?

    My character is
    The equation says I should I have Ideal Parry of 12.78 where in actual fact I have 20.12
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    The formula calculates the chance to parry that fits to your current dodge chance - in your case this means you'll need quite a bit more dodge (or less parry) to have the perfect balance of avoidance DR.
    So your goal is to get your parry close enough to the one this script shows.

    Btw. I still recommend to ignore those DR completely and reforge away Dodge/Parry in favor of mastery/hit/exp unless it's a fight with dangerous fast hits (like Mel'Jarak solo tanking or Shek'Zeer p2 adds)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nillo View Post
    Btw. I still recommend to ignore those DR completely and reforge away Dodge/Parry in favor of mastery/hit/exp unless it's a fight with dangerous fast hits (like Mel'Jarak solo tanking or Shek'Zeer p2 adds)
    I don't really wanna start this argument again, but it all depends on the content you're doing and your raid.

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