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    SimCraft to AMR

    So i tried to calculate my personal stat weights and it looked like everything went well, but when i tried the option to import them to askmrrobot it didnt show my weapon equiped; is there something i need to enable? i checked the weapon damage component and i got the same result.

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    AMR imports gear from either the armory, or from their own addon. That is where, eg, "the weapon you have equipped" comes from.

    The stat weights are used to figure out what gear is best for you -- either how to reforge, etc, current gear, or (if you import from their addon) what gear to swap plus reforge etc for "best in bags", or what is BiS for you.

    I suggest you get the addon installed, log in, go open your bank once, then export the data in-game, import into AMR, plus your stat weights, and try again.

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